Community News

Community News

Library Breaks Ground at Pinnacle!

What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? How about a new Meridian Library at Pinnacle? What a perfect combination!

The Meridian Library District broke ground on a new South Meridian library that will be located in Pinnacle, the heart of the So|Me District. Construction on the library begins in October 2023 and is estimated to open in late 2024.

Why is a library so important for our South Meridian community? Libraries are so much more than checking out books. Here are a few things you can do at the library:

• Borrow outdoor gear such as a tent. Yes, you read that currently, a whole tent!
• Check out board games.
• Check out activity projects you can do with your children – FOR FREE!
• Learn a new language.
• Teen gatherings.
• Toddler reading and dance.
• Business classes.
• Cooking classes.
• Computer coding classes (for adults and children).
• Community hub: a library can serve as a community center, providing a safe inclusive space for everyone!
• A library can host events or workshops that promote learning and social interaction.
• And so much more!

Stay up to date on the progress of the South Meridian Library by visiting the project page on the Meridian Library District’s website.