Community News

Community News

October 2023 Community Newsletter

Irrigation Shut Off

The irrigation district will be shutting down water on Tuesday, October 10th. Be sure to wrap up any landscaping projects and get in your last watering now.

Holiday Decorations

It’s that time of year, where so many people decorate for the holidays. We love to see all festivity, however, we ask that you remember temporary holiday decorations may be installed 30 days prior to the holiday and should be removed within 30 days after the holiday, vendor scheduling and weather permitting.

Fall Maintenance

It’s time to start trimming shrubs and trees that are growing into or over sidewalks and streets. Sidewalks should be clear for passage up to 8ft in height, and streets up to 14ft in height. It’s also time to start watching for leaves to drop. Please try to clean these up regularly, so they are not left to blow all into your neighbor’s yards.Neighbors have noticed bores and other pests in trees by the sidewalks. These trees in front of your home are the homeowner’s responsibility. You may want to check on your street tree to make sure it doesn’t need any additional treatment to stay healthy.

Check your exterior lights. As it starts to get dark earlier in the evenings, everyone having their lights on and in good working order makes a difference for both safety and security in the community. Report streetlight outages to the City of Meridian.

Get prepared for the cold. Make sure to turn off and disconnect outside hoses. Blow out your sprinklers. Get items stored and winterized, and get supplies you may need now, such as a snow shovel. It’s always good to be prepared.

Upcoming Events

We hope you enjoyed the movie night and pumpkin event! We’re working on some future events and will post them as soon as we know more. We welcome community feedback. If you have any ideas, please reach out to Lauren Brown, Lifestyle Director.